Beginning Fall Season 2021, all players who reach 300K in seasonal closet value will become Seasonal Trendsetters!

How do I become a Seasonal Trendsetter?
Any player who reaches 300K in seasonal closet value at any point throughout the season will reach Trendsetter status.
Players who reach trendsetter status will receive a Trendsetter welcome gift. To find a bit more information, please check out the Trendsetter fashion feed article. Tap on the three lines in-game.

Reaching Trendsetter status early or later on throughout the season:
The sooner you reach Trendsetter status the more exclusive gifts you may receive!

What are the new trendsetter milestones?
We are introducing new milestones for Trendsetters to reach each month! Reaching 600K closet value and 1M closet value before the end of MONTH will earn you exclusive gifts and diamonds.
Players will have one month from when the Trendsetter 600K starts to achieve this goal.