When a Style Challenge finishes the voting phase, you will receive a message in your in-game inbox with the results of your look.

The results will display your voting results, your unworn and Seasonal Bonus and display the score for the look.

If you have scored a 4.00 or higher, the results will display any prizes you have won.
Note: If you did not score above 4.00 or higher no prizes will be displayed.

Your results will then display your look rating and your style score.
(Note: It is normal for this score to fluctuate).

Winning scores that are close to your average score may not raise the style score. Lower winning scores can slightly drop your style score as the score may be lower than your average score.)

You can also view the Top Looks for your Fashion House, Friends and Top Looks for all looks entered by tapping the appropriate tab.

When you win a Style Challenge, prizes will be awarded when you view the Challenge results.

If you did not win the Challenge, you will be offered a one time opportunity to purchase the prize the first time your view (and then close) your results.